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16 и 17 мая The Prodigy дадут два эксклюзивных концерта в клубах Великобритании.

Группа обещает отыграть как минимум пару новых треков.

Текст официального собщения:

The Prodigy are about to crank it up again by announcing two exclusive UK club shows to YOU as a Prodigy mailing list member with 24 HOURS advance notice before any one else

The two dates are:

Plug, Sheffield on May 16th (1,000 capacity)
Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham on May 17th (800 capacity)

The shows have been booked as 'warm-ups' premiering some new tunes before the band set out on UK and European festivals over the summer, and intended as purely fan-only events.
To get your tickets for this show here is what you need to do:
Tickets go on sale on 15th April at mid-day, 12pm, G.M.T. 
At this time, visit The  Prodigy's new website at www.theprodigy.com .
There, you will see a news item with links  to the two venues.
Each venue is selling tickets to their gig on a secret page.
These links are not being  made public until 16th April, giving you 24hrs to buy tickets before anyone  else.

However, if you're not lucky enough to get tickets to these shows then you can catch The Prodigy at the following festivals during Summer 08

24th May, Gatecrasher, England
4th June, InMusic Festival, Croatia
6th June, Rock AM Ring, Germany
7th June, Rock IM ring, Germany
28th June, St Gallen Festival, Switzerland
5th July, Bilbao BBK Live Festival, Spain
12th July, Oxegen, Ireland
13th July, T In The Park, Scotland
9th August, Summersonic Tokyo, Japan
10th August, Summersonic Osaka, Japan
16th August, V2008 Chelmsford, England
17th August, V2008 Staffordshire, England

Hope to see you there!

The Prodigy

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